New WEERS window rating system – April 2014

As the New Zealand government is aiming for greater thermal efficiency in New Zealand homes to improve health and reduce our demand on energy, BRANDZ has developed a Window Energy Effiency Rating System. The WEERS system is a means to rate the thermal efficiency of windows and doors installed in new homes. The WEERS system will help solve one piece of the thermal efficiency puzzle that makes up the total energy efficiency of the whole house.

Elite Window Solutions is getting onboard with this initiative. With the help of our parent company Fairview we will soon be able to provide a WEERS rating for every single window we quote. The calculations will be integrated into our quoting system and we will be able to provide a total WEERS rating for a houselot of windows and doors.

This will provide a great advantage to our clients as we will be able to solve a large piece of the puzzle for them immediately and make it easier for them to calculate the energy efficiency of their whole house. This will be a huge asset in meeting any council reporting requirements and make the process of building a warm healthy home, much more achievable.

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