The Energy Star is coming to Windows – August 2014

The Energy Star is a government backed symbol for energy efficiency. It is awarded by EECA to the most energy efficient products. Typically the top 25% best performing products in a category, in the New Zealand market.

Windows and Doors will soon join the range of products that have energy efficient labelling. EECA will use the information provided by the new WEERS program to award the Energy Star to windows and doors. It is envisioned that a complete house lot of windows and doors can be awarded a star rating based on the average performance of all the windows and doors in the house.

By awarding the energy star the building industry will be encouraged to strive for higher thermal efficiency in the products they select and this will flow onto providers like Elite Window Solutions improving their product ranges to provide better quality products.

At the end of the day the homeowner is the winner, being able to live in a warm, dry, quiet, comfortable home. The flow on effect on the economy is also great with less illness and lower demand for energy.

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