Speights Coast to Coast February 2015

After 18 months of dedicated training, business owner Phill Brangwynne participated in the Speights Coast to Coast. After a long drive south with all the gear in the ute, we camped at the Kumara Race Course and attended the Registration and Race briefing. Things kicked off early Fri 13 Feb with a dawn start at Kumara beach. 500 people ran up from the beach to their bikes and started the 55km ride down State Highway 73 towards Arthurs Pass. At the first transition the bikes were racked, food was eaten and shoes were changed in preparation for the 33km mountain run up Deception valley. The run was brutal and Phill completed it in just over 6 hours. The end of the first day was a welcome relief, with a well deserved leg massage followed by a cold Speights.

The next morning was a 4am start with support crews taking the kayaks down to the Waimakariri River, checking the safety gear and lining the kayaks up on the river bank, ready to go. The racers set off in reverse order from Day 1 finishing. Phill came down the hill, handed his bike to Dave and Angela took him down to the Kayak feeding him on the way. Setting off on a 6 hour kayak, Phill was really pleased to stay in the boat the whole way. The water and wind temperatures were cold and people were getting hypothermic.

Out of the kayak at the Waimakariri Gorge bridge and onto the bike again for a 70km ride into Christchurch, to the finish line at New Brighton. Phill crossed the finish with a smile on his face and was absolutely stoked to have completed the race! 17 hours 18 minutes and 94thoverall. Well done Phill fantastic effort!!

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